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Are you looking for a condo to spend the rest of your life? In Boston, Massachusetts areas like Brookline, Newton, Cambridge, Back Bay, South End, Beacon Hill, Brighton and other surrounding Greater Boston parts, you can find many luxurious as well as affordable condos. However, the best properties can be located in Brookline, hub of many business and educational entities.

Before you head out to buy a condo within your budget, you are advised to take the services of a trusted real estate agent who can perform the real estate deal on your behalf. We are offering real estate services in Brookline and other adjoining areas since long and serving our clients by helping them to choose a perfect place.

Whether you need a luxury condo in Brookline, Massachusetts or are looking for affordable condos in Brookline, MA, get in touch with us as we know about the complete region. And, we use latest technology that allows us to carry out the real estate dealings more efficiently. You can contact us through our website and let us know what you are looking for in Brookline. You can also subscribe to our free listing alerts and get daily updates on all that is happening in the Brookline real estate market.

Why Should you Buy Luxury Home For Sale in Brookline, MA?

by Eric Glassoff

In an overpopulated world finding a home that is worth the price is an uphill task and on top of that there are many strict laws that govern the purchase, sale and loan deals vis-a-vis real estate properties. Therefore, when a golden opportunity, such as luxury homes for sale in Brookline, MA, arrives at your doorstep, one shouldn’t pass it on.

Brookline is a city that has been one of the top choices of prospective home buyers for years now. This preference is attributed to the fast infrastructural development in the city, quiet and peaceful surroundings, while also offering close proximity to the capital city of Boston. Whether you wish to buy a new home or upgrade to a better one, Brookline is one of the best spaces in the U.S renowned for ease of real estate business.

Massachusetts is one of the most promising states in the U.S. It represents 2.67% of US GDP making it the 12th largest state economy in 2015. Beyond these delights in the city and the state, the availability of some of the best real estate agents in the city makes it a breeze of a task to find a luxury home suitable for your needs and that match your budget. When you decide to buy homes in Brookline, MA, hiring an experienced real estate agent can tilt any deal in your favor.

Single or Multifamily Homes - Which Is The Best Option?

by Eric Glassoff

Often we have seen our customers to be in a dilemma when it comes to deciding whether they should invest in a single family or multifamily home.

To help you decide, below we have listed some points that will help you find the answer.
Why invest in single-family homes?

1. Inventory: Single family rental property investors enjoy much greater inventory choices. More choices mean higher potential for finding better deals with less competition and doing a higher volume of transactions.

2. Larger resale pools: Real estate sector in Brookline & Boston, MA has far more end buyers for single family homes than apartment buildings. Individual homes can be sold to retail home buyers (first time home buyers, move up buyers, and those downsizing), rehabbers, other buy and hold investors, builders, to cash buyers, or on a seller financed basis.

3. Cheaper: The average single family home is far cheaper than an apartment building. That can be attractive to those who want to pay all cash. So, if you got little money to put down going for the single one works for you.

Why invest in multifamily homes?

1. Scale: For those with really big goals, multifamily property investing can help make some big leaps.

2. Efficiency: Acquiring a multifamily home does build more efficiency and better ROI over the time. Investing is all about being efficient with your time and money.

3. Do more for less: One of the best benefits of multifamily property investing is the economy of scale.

To know more, visit us at


Personality of Realtors - How the Best Realtors Work?

by Eric Glassoff

The chances of you successfully fulfilling your dream of owning a home would depend on the personality of your realtor in Brookline, MA or any other location. And yes, you heard us right - the personality of your realtor, which takes into account all the qualities that a realtor has. So, from being honest in telling you all the truth about all the properties you see on your way to making a decision to being upfront and negotiating the cost with the seller. When you approach a realtor to help you buy real estate in Brookline, Massachusetts, you just pass your dream onto them to be fulfilled with aplomb.

A realtor will never bother you by showing you properties that don’t fit the bill if you like. She or he understands that it is just a waste of time as you wouldn’t, even half asleep, go for such a property. The basis of a good realtor’s working plan is hearing out all the requirements of their client and making sure they only show them properties that exactly fit those needs.

Realtors with a strong personality would be experienced in the Brookline real estate market. They would know the prices of most of the properties. So, they will save you from sellers who are trying to take advantage of new or novice buyers by quoting prices that are way beyond the current market price.

Browse through our website to get in touch with such professional realtors to seal a profitable deal.

Why Do You Need Brookline, MA realtors to Buy a Perfect Home?

by Eric Glassoff

A state as flourishing as Massachusetts is one of the top choices of prospective home buyers. It is one of the best places to raise a family, making it a suitable place for settlement. Massachusetts’ GDP was $427,541,000,000 in 2015 according to BEA data. Massachusetts’ GDP represents 2.67% of US GDP which made it the 12th largest state economy in the nation in 2015.

Massachusetts, Brookline is home to one of the hottest housing markets in the nation. Birthplace of the late President John F. Kennedy, it ranks high on the ‘best suburbs’ and ‘best place to raise a family’ lists. But good things, such as well-designed homes, don’t remain available for long as their demand is quite high. You need expert assistance in the form of Brookline, MA real estate agents to acquire a suitable home. Here’s how a realtor can help you:

  • Real estate agents act as spam buffers by removing the poor quality homes on which you might just waste your time.
  • With a deeper access in the housing market, they can identify comparable sales and provide you information that is usually hidden under covers.
  • Besides their commission, there’s nothing much that a realtor has in each sale. So, they can give proper price guidance and help you save a heavy amount of money.
  • Brookline, MA realtors can disclose to you the current market conditions that will govern your buying process and make it more favorable for you.

It is a slow Sunday morning. You have just brewed your coffee and popped open your laptop to check out the latest home listings before you hit the road for a day of open houses. You are DIYing this real estate thing, and you think you are doing pretty well - after all, any info you might need is at your fingertips online, right? That is your own sterling judgment. Well, we know you can do it on your own. But you really, really shouldn’t. This is likely the biggest financial decision of your entire life and you need the best real estate agent in Brookline, MA if you want to do it right.

Though you can go to online sites and figure out the average selling prices of homes in different neighborhoods, nothing beats the knowledge of a well-trained and experienced real estate agent. Moreover, not all neighborhoods are well presented in online classifieds, so it may be harder to calculate the market prices of houses.

Luckily, a real estate agent will have a database of a lot more homes, in a lot more neighborhoods. More so, they can tell you why the prices are higher in one area than another. And if the prices will continue to raise or fall due to new developments and changes in the location. So, if you wish to keep a tab on the changes in house prices in any location, then hire a real estate agent who will keep you updated, always!

The Right Strategy To Look For Condos For Sale In Brookline, MA

by Eric Glassoff

Owning a condo is no less than a dream coming true for many people. Being one of the biggest and most prized investments, it is essential to do the required deliberation to avoid any kind of gaffe.

Unlike any other deal, buying a property requires paying special attention to every detail to avoid any sort of ongoing conflict or dispute. And no matter how intelligent and well connected you are, it is extremely difficult to dig out all the relevant details about a property for a regular buyer.

Buying or selling a condo is absolutely different from a normal property. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a real estate broker who is experienced in finalizing condo deals. In fact, only a capable real estate broker can enlighten you about every minute detail of the property.

When you are planning to buy real estate in Brookline, Massachusetts, it is essential look for a real estate broker who knows the area like a native. This will help you out in choosing the right condo for sale in Brookline, MA in a more efficient and informed way.

Think carefully about every bit of information and paper work before finalizing the deal.

Find Best Homes for Sale in Brookline, MA Online

by Eric Glassoff

When you are all set to invest your hard earned money in real estate, there can be nothing better than the Greater Boston area. Brookline, part of the Greater Boston, has emerged as the most promising and booming real estate market in the recent past. Of late, it has grown as the best suburban area having quiet and peaceful surroundings.

Also, Brookline has some of the best business and educational hubs in the country and serves as a great location for different outdoor activities. Here, you will come across all kinds of properties that you are looking for. So, if you are really thinking about buying a property here, you should get in touch with us. We have an exceptional record in providing a variety of properties in Brookline as we know the area inside out. We make use of technology to serve our esteemed clients and keep them updated with the latest developments in the real estate market with our newsletter and email alerts.

On visiting our website, you will be able to find homes for sale in Brookline, MA easily based on your requirements and budget. And, to get more information on Brookline real estate for sale, you can subscribe to our free listing alerts and get daily updates.


Real Estate Listings in Brookline: Steal a Real Deal

by Eric Glassoff

Real estate is a highly fragile market. You need highly trained and experienced real estate agents to help you crack the perfect deal. Reason being they are aware about the market trends and can predict the future trends based on real time market analysis. If you are planning to buy real estate in Brookline, Massachusetts you need to partner with the best real estate agents who can get a cracker of a deal for you. Boston Real Estate Experts are most experienced real estate agents in Newton, MA and are here to help you buy homes for sale in Newton, MA or sell your property at a profitable price.

You can browse for real estate listings in Brookline, MA on our website and look for options that interest you the most. We provide the perfect platform for buyers and sellers to meet and complement the offers each has on his plate. If you are a buyer, we have some of the best properties for sale listed for you and we provide you with detailed information about them. We also help you stay updated on the latest market trends and updates with our newsletter. You can also register for daily email listing alerts for homes that are listed for sale on our website.

Recently, so much development has taken place in the Greater Boston area that many people are looking forward to buying a home in this happening neighborhood. And, among all of the Greater Boston areas, Brookline stands apart as the sough after real estate market.

In Brookline, you will find all kinds of properties including condos and luxury homes. Also, the place is known for its quiet and peaceful surroundings mixed with a bunch of outdoor activities and some of the well known business and educational places. So, if you are interested in acquiring a home in Brookline or want to sell your existing home for further investment, you can get in touch with us.

We are one of the leading real estate agents in Brookline, MA who know about the complete area inside-out. With our experience and services, we will be able to guide you in getting a good deal in terms of buying or selling a property. On our website, you will find all kinds of properties listed for sale along with other important information about them. In order to know more about the real estate in Brookline, Massachusetts, you can browse our website and subscribe to our free email alerts to get daily updates of all the homes listed for sale.

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 65

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I was a first time home buyer looking a place in Brookline, and Newton area for a quite well, and tiredly had worked with several agents in 2008-2009.  I decided to find a place myself, and it happened that I found that sales agent Eric Glassoff had lots of the hot units in Brookline for sale.  So why not work with him as buyer agent then?After I started to work with him, I was so impressed with his professional knowledge, ability to educate clients, working efficiency, honesty, loyalty, and the capability to make a deal happen in the best interest of his client.  After I looked at 2-3 properties, I happily bought a dream home at Newton.  I strongly recommend Eric to any home buyers, as his excellence in business as well as his loyalty to his clients will bring you satisfaction in purchasing your dream home.  "Susan Zhang"


My wife and I worked with Eric to buy our condo in Brookline.  He was recommended by a friend who had also recently purchased a condo in Brookline. We were moving to Boston from outside the region and were on a very tight timetable.   I spoke with Eric and let him know what we were looking for, and he was able to quickly arrange a full day of visits to condos that were exactly the type we were looking to buy.  He did a great job of keeping us on track, and adjusting when our focus changed slightly.  I thought he did a wonderful job of walking the fine line between being assertive and offering his professional opinion, but without being too pushy or brash.  When the time comes for our next  move, I will certainly look to Eric to help sell this condo and look for our next home.  "Kent Mouw"


My wife and I were first time homebuyers, nervous about the scale of the purchase and the complexities of navigating through the Boston housing market.  Eric had great recommendations, was very professional, friendly, responsive, and engaging throughout the whole process.  Eric made the experience rather easy and exciting as we bought our first home, and we have kept in touch ever since.  He has been our first choice for all our real estate related work, and we gladly recommend him.
Sincerely,  "Alexei and Guiti"  Brighton


When I and my wife were looking for a condo in Brookline, we had very specific requirements in choosing a realtor. Unlike many other people, we really did not like our realtor to look for potential properties for us. We preferred to monitor the market ourselves, and wanted to only contact Eric when we needed to get additional information about the condo that we liked, or if we wanted to see the particular property. Eric immediately adapted to our style. Sometimes, we did not call him for weeks, waiting for the condo that suited our needs to appear on the market. But when that finally happened,  we  called Eric. He immediately tuned himself into our game plan, promptly providing us with all the requested information. That helped us a lot when we found a home of our dream - with Eric's help, we were able to get all the information about the condo, schedule an appointment to see it and make the offer on the same day that it appeared on the market! After our offer was accepted, Eric helped us to take the stress out of preparation for the closing of the most important deal in our lives. In a professional and knowledgeable manner,  he guided us through all the necessary steps and made us feel that everything was under control. I would definitely recommend Eric to anybody who is looking for a property in Brookline".  "Alexey Advokhin"


"Anyone who has you for a Realtor knows just how fun, knowledgeable, tenacious, you are, and it's a pleasure to have you there when buying/selling such a huge investment!" "Rebecca Corkin"


My wife and I had barely a weekend to fly in and look for a new home, and we thought there would be no way we would find a home before we  left. That was before Eric worked his magic. He gave us great insights  that helped our online search before we got to town, but once we arrived, he not only gave us a great introduction to Brookline, he helped us find the place that fit our needs, and were able to make an offer before the weekend was out. It didn't stop there. Although we were thousands of miles away, he helped us navigate the rest of the process and avoid all kinds of unnecessary hassles. We would recommend Eric with enthusiasm and without hesitation.
"Todd Curtis"


"Thanks to Eric I accepted a great bid on my Brookline condo within a month.  He is a   down to earth hard working guy who works with you to get results. I would definitely recommend him for your real estate needs." "Lennie Kleinberg"


"We've worked with Eric for the purchase of two properties -- and his professionalism, market knowledge and guidance just can't be beat.  With his support and insight, we were able to get exactly what we wanted both times....and I am confident we will look to him again for our next transaction. "Eric was the only real estate broker that truly understood our needs, and made us feel 100% comfortable. He educated us on the process, negotiated on our behalf, and acquired the property we wanted....all in the timeframe we needed. We couldn't be happier."  "If you are looking for a savvy yet thorough real estate professional, Eric Glasoff should be at the top of your list.  His experience, contacts and intuition are what every buyer or seller needs." "Alison & Dan S."


We wanted to write to voice our appreciation for Eric Glassoff’s efforts to help us find and purchase our recent Brookline home.  Eric worked with us for many months looking at properties before we finally found one that worked for us.  We found him always good-natured, extremely responsive, flexible, and highly capable.  As soon as we identified properties we wanted to see, Eric had appointments set up for us to see them (given the competitive pace of the Brookline housing market, this was essential).  We made a few offers on places before we found the “right one” and Eric played a major role in helping us navigate the offer process with individual sellers.  We always felt like we had good guidance and this helped us gain confidence in our own ability to pick the right place for us.  When we finally found our current home, Eric again played a major role in helping us negotiate a favorable offer price with the seller, and then continued to play an enormous role throughout the entire process right up until closing.  Even the day before closing, when the seller’s broker noted a small oil leak in the basement, Eric was there to call the oil company, get it fixed, and negotiate for the seller to pay for it, avoiding one last issue that could have affected our closing.  
We really do feel that we could not have successfully obtained this home without him.  We will strongly recommend him to our friends looking for properties in the area.  
"Nira Pollock and Rick Ruberg" Brookline, MA