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Recently, so much development has taken place in the Greater Boston area that many people are looking forward to buying a home in this happening neighborhood. And, among all of the Greater Boston areas, Brookline stands apart as the sough after real estate market.

In Brookline, you will find all kinds of properties including condos and luxury homes. Also, the place is known for its quiet and peaceful surroundings mixed with a bunch of outdoor activities and some of the well known business and educational places. So, if you are interested in acquiring a home in Brookline or want to sell your existing home for further investment, you can get in touch with us.

We are one of the leading real estate agents in Brookline, MA who know about the complete area inside-out. With our experience and services, we will be able to guide you in getting a good deal in terms of buying or selling a property. On our website, you will find all kinds of properties listed for sale along with other important information about them. In order to know more about the real estate in Brookline, Massachusetts, you can browse our website and subscribe to our free email alerts to get daily updates of all the homes listed for sale.

Many buyers forget that their trust in a realtor in Brookline, Massachusetts, or anywhere else for that matter is central to the success of their home buying experience. Undermining this important factor lands many buyers in trouble; the worst effect of which is having to pay more than what a home is worth. So, the basic necessity of striking the perfect deal is to work with a real estate agent you can trust.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to get the opportunity of working with a trustworthy realtor, which leads to offers made under pressure or an increase in the offer amount after negotiations. Having said that, most of the realtors never pressurize their clients into making an offer in haste. So, the most important job for you in the entire home buying process is finding the right realtor.

A trustworthy broker would never give you wrong information. You would be told upfront whether or not other buyers are bidding in the real estate property for sale in Brookline, Massachusetts that you are interested in. The urgency of buying a home may come from you, but a reliable realtor would never force you into a deal that isn’t beneficial for you.

There could be a situation in which your realtor is aware of home values in Brookline, and is thus encouraging you to make an offer seeing the comparatively lower price that the seller is asking as opposed to what the market price of that property is. A good and reliable realtor would always protect your interests.


How To Find Quality Homes For Sale In Brookline, MA

by Eric Glassoff

Let’s recap the mortgage rates that have been on since November, how it impacts affordability, and how can you qualify for the best homes in Brookline, MA.

The 2017 rates
Mortgage rates rose 0.75 percent between the election and Christmas time last year, driven by a belief that the new administration’s proposed policies of infrastructure spending, tax cuts, and deregulation would be inflationary if enacted.

Rate volatility will continue as investors and the Federal Reserve try to predict rate direction under the new administration, so let’s see how it impacts your home-buying plans.

Impact On Affordability:
On a $350,000 home purchase with 20 percent down, a rate spike of 0.5 percent reduces the home price you can afford by about $17,000.

Majority of mortgage lenders use a debt-to-income (DTI) ratio to qualify you, meaning they divide your bills (for housing, car payments, credit cards, etc.) by your income to get a percentage of how much of your monthly income you spend on bills.

Increased home affordability:
Instead of reducing your price by $17,000, you can reduce your other non-housing bills to purchase luxury condos for sale in Brookline MA.

The Bottom line:
Don’t just automatically assume rising rates push down the price you qualify for.

Our team of agile real estate agents will help examine your full financial profile and goals and help you find homes for sale in Brookline, MA that suit your requirements, and then dive into the math to find solutions for you.

Know The Basics Of Buying Luxury Condos In Brookline, MA

by Eric Glassoff

The very idea of owning a luxury condo and leading an upscale lifestyle is exhilarating for every person. If you are one of the lucky few who are on the verge of buying a luxury condo, you should take a step back to know about a few essential facts before buying the property.

Find A Realtor Who Knows The Area Inside Out

If you have already researched the location where you want to own a property, then the next step should be to find a reliable and experienced real estate broker - a broker who knows the area inside out! If you are searching for luxury condos in Brookline, MA, it is better to go with a capable local realtor who would be able to find condo for sale in Brookline, MA more efficiently.

Analyze The Amenities You Actually Need

Condos are equipped with all the bells and whistles. Knowing the thing you really want can help in making the search easy. Apart from that, it will also save you from not spending from unwanted things. For instance, if you don’t want heated floors in the balcony, then it is better to not have it.


Apart from location, another important thing is the view from property. Try to choose the best possible view with a good neighborhood. And if you are compromising on the view front, try to negotiate the price as a compensation.

Everyone knows Boston is an amazing place to live, booming with history, job opportunities, and entertainment - that is why it is becoming the most sought-after neighborhood in the country.
Brookline, MA is a part of Greater Boston and home to many notable people. Recently ranked the best suburb in the nation, Brookline is a tough town to beat. It is just minutes away from Boston, yet at the same time filled with small town charm and many suburban amenities. Thus, making it the best place to own a home, but buying your first home is not that simple. With so many homes going for more than the asking price, open houses being crowded, and places staying on the market for such a short period, being a buyer in Brookline area in no easy feat. If you are new in the town and are looking forward to buying a home, then the best way is to hire a professional and experienced realtor in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Everyone knows that buying a home is one of the most important decisions that people make in their lifetime. This experience can be daunting unless you are working with a real estate broker who understands the process. The agent will evaluate your specific needs and will locate properties in Brookline that fit those specifications. They will not only assist you in viewing the properties but will research and identify any problems or issues with the property, which will aid you to make an informed decision on making an appropriate offer on the property.

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I was a first time home buyer looking a place in Brookline, and Newton area for a quite well, and tiredly had worked with several agents in 2008-2009.  I decided to find a place myself, and it happened that I found that sales agent Eric Glassoff had lots of the hot units in Brookline for sale.  So why not work with him as buyer agent then?After I started to work with him, I was so impressed with his professional knowledge, ability to educate clients, working efficiency, honesty, loyalty, and the capability to make a deal happen in the best interest of his client.  After I looked at 2-3 properties, I happily bought a dream home at Newton.  I strongly recommend Eric to any home buyers, as his excellence in business as well as his loyalty to his clients will bring you satisfaction in purchasing your dream home.  "Susan Zhang"... Read More