If you’re in the mood to do a little re-modeling, painting or upgrading at your home, you may want to make sure these renovations are adding to the value of your home.  If you are taking on these projects because you are getting ready to sell your home, that’s even more reason to make sure you are making changes that will increase your home’s value. Many times, homeowners make improvements to their residence without knowing the implications to its real-estate value. In other words—they may be busting the bank to “improve” their home without seeing any improvements in its selling price. By following these simple guidelines, you can assure that you are making smart home-improvements that will show when it’s time to sell.

The Kitchen

Functionality, space and aesthetics are the key selling points when it comes to the heart of your home. With a small budget you can upgrade the lights, cabinet door knobs and sink fixtures. Larger budgets, upgrade the cabinets by re- finishing, re-painting or replacing the doors on the cabinets. 


Upgrade the look of your Appliances

Buyers love to see matching appliances. It makes for a clean and cohesive look, giving your kitchen a feeling of order and symmetry. You can purchase new panels for most appliances— but before you purchase anything, take a look at the back of your appliance panels, they are usually black. If this is the color you’re looking for it won’t cost you a trip to the store.


Increase your Storage 

Most homes, especially older ones, never seem to have enough closets—or space within the closets—for storage. Look into purchasing a closet storage system, or go online to find companies that will help you customize your closet storage. Home Improvement retailers also carry many different types of home organizing systems for all budgets.  Most of these sites and stores have storage tips that will leave your home looking more open and organized: a memorable feature for potential home buyers.


Thinking of updating your home before you put it on the market? If you reside in the greater Boston area, Newton, Brookline or the Back Bay, contact me to discuss your options. I want to make sure you have all the information to make the best decisions on how to improve the value of your home.      

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