Over the past few weeks, I’ve come across several interesting links about cities, communities, real estate and unique homes. Each one contains such a great deal of information along with beautiful photography; so I’m listing them all in one place. If you are looking to re-locate or just want to dream about the possibilities of where you could re-locate or live, these links will give you many great insights, ideas and information. I’ve highlighted the links which contain information about New England and the Greater Boston area.

1. Ten of the Healthiest Places to Live - Boston IS one of the healthiest!


Boston Skyline






2. Best Cities for Work Life Balance


3. Top Ten States for Foreclosures - http://on-msn.com/1uwotLd

4. Tiny Homes – Small but big on style and comfort​












5. Glass Houses for Sale - Every room was a phenomenal view!



6. Best Places to Live for your Lifestyle - Brookline made this list!


7. Snobbiest Small Cities – Don’t be fooled by the title. Take a look at the criteria used to construct the list.


8. Tiny Lake Houses


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