The real estate market in Boston has always been among the most popular ones, not only in Massachusetts but also in America. But of late, the focus is shifting slightly towards the emerging real estate markets around Boston. Giving people the benefit of living in quiet and peaceful surroundings while offering the convenience of being in close proximity to the big city, these urban areas are raising up the popularity charts steadily. Two such communities are Brookline and Back Bay.

Lined with colonial and Victorian buildings, Brookline and Back Bay are two of the cozier places to live in Massachusetts today. At the same time they are also home to some popular landmarks and beautiful locales, including the John Hancock Tower and the birthplace the late President John F. Kennedy. But whether you’re looking for luxury condos for sale in Brookline, MA or boutiques and condos for sale in Boston, MA, you must get in touch with the best real estate agent.

The right real estate agent can really be the difference maker for you in a lot of ways. Not only does the best real estate agent possess comprehensive knowledge of the areas they cater to, they also save you a lot of money by negotiating the optimal price for your dream home. So avail the services of an experienced and acclaimed realtor in Brookline and Back Bay when you’re looking for a home in these communities.