Boring destinations maps have transformed into specialized purpose maps - Google calls them custom maps. Anyone can make them. All it takes is a little imagination, time and a special purpose. Here are the most interesting ones I’ve come across to date.

The Haunted Houses in New England map points you to where you can have the scary experience that appeals to you and is age appropriate.    

This really IS a “super cool” map of the best restaurants near each T stop in Boston. It was created by Thrillist Boston. I do agree, they could have done a better job selecting local restaurants rather than a chain restaurant – Bertucci’s.

  This interactive map gives you a choice of searching by activity or crop along with location. You’ll find a place to get pumpkins, apples, eggs, vegetables and even turkeys.  There is so much information to choose from you could spend hours mapping out places for everything you’ll need for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Intrigued with special purpose maps and interested in making one of your own?  Google makes it easy for you to do. Here is how to make one


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