Often we have seen our customers to be in a dilemma when it comes to deciding whether they should invest in a single family or multifamily home.

To help you decide, below we have listed some points that will help you find the answer.
Why invest in single-family homes?

1. Inventory: Single family rental property investors enjoy much greater inventory choices. More choices mean higher potential for finding better deals with less competition and doing a higher volume of transactions.

2. Larger resale pools: Real estate sector in Brookline & Boston, MA has far more end buyers for single family homes than apartment buildings. Individual homes can be sold to retail home buyers (first time home buyers, move up buyers, and those downsizing), rehabbers, other buy and hold investors, builders, to cash buyers, or on a seller financed basis.

3. Cheaper: The average single family home is far cheaper than an apartment building. That can be attractive to those who want to pay all cash. So, if you got little money to put down going for the single one works for you.

Why invest in multifamily homes?

1. Scale: For those with really big goals, multifamily property investing can help make some big leaps.

2. Efficiency: Acquiring a multifamily home does build more efficiency and better ROI over the time. Investing is all about being efficient with your time and money.

3. Do more for less: One of the best benefits of multifamily property investing is the economy of scale.

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